1 October 2015

Eef Bos, CFO TenCate, in Supervisory Board of University of Twente

Mr Eef Bos RA has been appointed member of the Supervisory Board of the University of Twente as of 1 October 2015. The appointment of the CFO of Royal Ten Cate is for a period of four years. 

Mr Bos (1961) has a university background in the field of business economics and accountancy. He has been employed at TenCate since 2013. Prior to this he worked for Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group, Grontmij Nederland, Oranjewoud and Unilever. 

About his appointment, Eef Bos says: 'I see it as a great honour to be given a seat on the Supervisory Board of the University of Twente. An enterprising University with a great awareness of science and society, in this beautiful part of our country'.

The Supervisory Board is convinced that Mr Bos, with his extremely strong financial profile, is a valuable asset and addition to the composition of the Board of the University of Twente. The appointment was recently ratified by the Minister of Education, Science and Culture, Jet Bussemaker.

Royal Ten Cate 

Almelo, October 2015

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