29 August 2014

Heerema Fabrication Group opts for TenCate fabrics

Almost a half year ago the company switched to the new clothing based on TenCate Tecapro®. This fabric is the appropriate solution for shipbuilding and the metal industry. TenCate Tecapro® protects grinders and welders against for example splashes from molten metal, sparks and chemical splashes. The clothing was made by Van Ochten Bedrijfskleding B.V. The logistical service is provided entirely by Wijngaarden VeiligGoed (WVG). Both parties proactively submitted the new fabric to Heerema Fabrication Group. After all they want the very best for their customers.

Heerema Fabrication Group Stander Van Gameren

Johan Stander (safety, health & environment manager, left) and Henrie van Gameren (senior buyer) were involved in Heerema Fabrication Group’s choice of personal protective equipment and thus of TenCate Tecapro®

Every Heerema Fabrication Group employee is required to wear safety clothing on the shop floor. The operational workers have an overall, the office workers a two-piece garment. Heat, fire and metal splashes are the greatest risks during operations. The same applies to working in explosive zones, where antistatic clothing is required. 

See the txtures article for more information.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)