10 March 2014

Dutch aerospace companies and research institutions present themselves at JEC Composites 2014

Dutch aerospace companies and research institutions present themselves from Tuesday 11 to Thursday, March 13 at the JEC Composites 2014 in Paris. The companies and institutions each has its own specialty in the field of composites and engines in the aviation industry. Participants include Airborne Composites , Dutch Thermoplastic Components DTC , Fokker Technologies Holding , KVE Composites Group , National Aerospace Laboratory NLR , TenCate Advanced Composites and TU Delft. The cluster works with the Dutch government in the Partners for International Business ( PIB ) program with a focus on France. The Netherlands are partner of the JEC 2014 .

JEC Composites 2014 is the most important trade fair for composite application for the aerospace , automotive , wind energy , marine, construction and sports and consumer goods. 30,000 business visitors annually visit the nearly 1,200 exhibitors . On Tuesday, March 11 Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs will visit the fair.

The Dutch aviation industry is a strong player in the global market. In 2025, air traffic is expected to double. Airplanes have to fly greener and more efficient. This is only possible through innovation, which is strong in the Netherlands. In terms of size, the Netherlands are the sixth aerospace industry in Europe. Over 100 companies are responsible for a turnover of 2.8 billion euros per year, accounting for 20,000 jobs.

Picture: Fokker Technologies Holding and TenCate Advanced Composites were co-winners of the JEC Innovation Award 2013 with the first thermoplastic composite horizontal stabilizer of the new generation helicopter AgustaWestland AW169

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)