25 July 2014

Xennia enables high performance digital polyester fabric printing with advanced sublimation inks

The Xennia Corundum™ range of digital textile inkjet inks is designed for high quality sublimation polyester fabric printing using both coated and uncoated transfer papers. Xennia Corundum™ is available for Kyocera and Epson-based systems. “Xennia Corundum™ is our high performance sublimation ink for polyester textile decoration,” comments Dr Olivier Morel, Xennia’s Chief Technology Officer, “offering customers maximum colour performance with minimum ink consumption. This key product launch expands Xennia’s high performance digital textile ink range”.

Dr Morel explains further: “Xennia Amethyst™, our advanced reactive dye digital textile ink, has established a reputation for having the best quality and colour performance of any reactive ink on the market. The Xennia Corundum™ sublimation ink continues this story and uses the same technology strategy: in benchmark testing against other inks available on the market our product shows improved jetting performance, enhanced transfer efficiency from the sublimation paper and superior colour on the textile. This maximises end user benefit, as more colour gets to the fabric where it is needed and waste is reduced. We have been sampling Xennia Corundum™ with selected beta customers in several territories over the last year, and we are now making this fantastic product available worldwide.”

Xennia’s digital textile inks have been deployed in digital textile production environments globally for several years, enabling textile mills to create high colour intensity prints with excellent production reliability. Xennia’s digital textile ink range includes Xennia Amethyst™ reactive dye ink for printing cotton and cellulosics, Xennia Moissanite™ UV curable ink for outdoor textile printing and the new Xennia Corundum™ sublimation ink.

Download: Press release Xennia regarding Corundum digital textile inkjet inks
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)