23 October 2014

TenCate signs significant contract for delivery of TenCate Defender™ M

TenCate Protective Fabrics USA has signed a significant contract with a new customer outside the US for the delivery of TenCate Defender™ M inherently flame-resistant fabric regarding personal protective uniforms for national armed forces. Neither the name nor nationality of this customer can be disclosed, for military reasons. Initial deliveries of this multi-year contract will take place in the first quarter of 2015. No further financial information will be provided. On the basis of this contract, TenCate expects a substantial increase in TenCate Defender™ M revenues in the coming year.

As the leader in flame resistant materials, TenCate Protective Fabrics supplies TenCate Defender™ M to around 20 nations worldwide for the protection of their military personnel. Uniforms made with TenCate Defender™ M fabrics are inherently flame-resistant and provide protective comfort and optimal durability, such as breathability and moisture regulation.

Royal Ten Cate
Almelo, The Netherlands, Thursday 23 October 2014
Download: 141023 Press release TenCate Protective Fabrics regarding significant contract for TenCate Defender M.pdf
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)