14 July 2014

TenCate Advanced Composites at the 2014 Farnborough International Air Show

Items on display include an Airbus A400M ice protection panel produced from TenCate Cetex® Glass PPS semi preg material.  Also on display is a Cobham satcom system for the next generation wifi connectivity on the move, incorporating a radome manufactured using TenCate's bespoke low loss, low dialectric constant thermoset prepregs, produced in clean environments for maximum reliability.

TenCate will also be discussing their heritage and market leading capabilities in high temperature prepreg composite materials across aerostructures, radomes and space & satellite applications. Strengthened by a recently signed partnership agreement with Performance Polymer Solutions Inc to develop high temperature, specialised prepreg materials for the aerospace industry, TenCate will expand the use of P2SI resin technology into other high temperature aerospace applications.

Achieving excellent quality composite components is greatly aided by high quality composite tooling. TenCate Advanced Composite will also be discussing their market leading AmberTool® tooling product range, including the 3M™ fortified composite tooling products for tougher dimensionally stable tooling.

The development of thermoplastic aerostructures, using uni-directional thermoplastic prepreg and advanced tape laying equipment, for real-world application are supported by TenCate Advanced Composites through the collaborative efforts of the Thermoplastic Affordable Primary Aircraft Structure (TAPAS) consortium. This work is now entering its second phase of life and is working with Airbus and other suppliers.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)