11 March 2014

TenCate Advanced Armor signs teaming agreement with Air Cargo Containers

TenCate Advanced Armor USA has signed a teaming agreement with Air Cargo Containers, LLC to manufacture lightweight air cargo containers. The fully-certified, lightweight, composite air cargo carriers have a tare weight of 480lbs or about 350 pounds less than competing aluminum containers, a 42 percent weight savings.
These innovative protective containers will be presented this week at the World Cargo Symposium held in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Air Cargo Containers, LLC was granted Technical Standard Order (TSO C90d) certification for its lightweight-composite AMJ model Unit Load Device (ULD) in December 2013. It is the first all-composite container to receive this certification by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is constructed of proprietary composite side panels and floor panel, built around an aerospace grade aluminum frame, for lightness and durability as well as improved maintenance characteristics and flame retardant capability. The composite material and assembly of the entire container will be done by TenCate Advanced Armor in Ohio, USA. 

Lightweight composite materials
The lightweight composite container has a tare weight of 480lbs or about 350 pounds less than competing aluminum containers, a 42 percent weight savings. In addition, it incorporates a proprietary and patented roll-up door with destruction proof side glides and lock down features for safety in operation.

TenCate Advanced Armor offers a wide range of composite materials and technologies. “The key composite materials used in Air Cargo Containers proprietary container have been selected and optimized utilizing the knowledge TenCate has in engineering advanced armor systems,” says Mark Edwards, President of TenCate Advanced Armor USA. “Our advanced materials create a structurally strong yet lightweight container that enables users to maximize fuel economy and reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. The worldwide manufacturing and supply chain management capabilities of TenCate will allow containers of Air Cargo Containers to be produced and sold worldwide". Air Cargo Containers Co-founder and CEO Scott Oracheff comments: "We're excited to have TenCate manufacture our containers. In addition, we look forward to introducing this breakthrough technology together at IATA”.
Download: 140311 PDF Teaming Agreement TenCate Advanced Armor and Air Cargo Containers
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