14 October 2014

Synthetic turf is safe for sports

Publications have appeared in the media which refer to experiences and research relating to rubber granulate as infill for synthetic turf football pitches. The question was posed whether rubber granulate could perhaps be connected to possible effects on the health of footballers, and more particularly of goalkeepers.

We should like to stress in the strongest possible terms that the original American discussion explicitly and exclusively relates to a specific material that is used as infill for synthetic turf pitches. In no way may reference be made to synthetic turf football pitches that are played on, produced from synthetic turf fibres and backing, nor any connection made to play on synthetic turf in general.
In addition to producing synthetic turf fibres and backing for synthetic turf pitches, we also make synthetic turf systems for various sports applications. Our synthetic turf pitches have a variety of infill materials with distinctive characteristics, based on customer specifications. The infill materials used include: TPE infill (synthetic), natural infill (coir and/or cork), coated rubber SBR infill, as well as rubber granulate (SBR). We also produce synthetic turf football pitches that are installed without infill material.

For guidelines relating to specification of and play and experience on synthetic turf football pitches, we would refer you to the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) in Zeist and to FIFA in Geneva, Switzerland.

Background information can be found on the website of the RIVM (Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection):  http://www.rivm.nl/Documenten_en_publicaties/Algemeen_Actueel/Veelgestelde_vragen/Milieu_Leefomgeving/Alle_veelgestelde_vragen_over_Rubbergranulaat#Gezondheid

Link to the KNVB: http://home.knvb.nl/nieuws/kunstgras-in-nederland-veilig-voor-keepers-en-voetballers/

Link to the Jupiler League: http://www.jupilerleague.nl/nieuws/836-kunstgras-en-de-gezondheid-van-voetballers
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