2 June 2014

King Willem-Alexander opens 2014 Hockey World Cup

Photo: alderman Karsten Klein (Sports) hands over Het Plein symbolically to Ties Kruize, chairman of the Haags Hockey Plein Foundation.

For two exciting weeks the women’s and men’s teams from fifteen countries will be competing for the World Cup in the Kyocera Stadium and the adjacent GreenFields Stadium. Everyday life in The Hague will revolve around these games. TenCate and GreenFields will have a strong presence at the World Cup venue, with numerous public relations communications and activities, such as a splendid hospitality stand in the Business Village and two training pitches for young fans at the Hockey Plaza. In the main stadium, events will include a kiss cam and both brand names will feature prominently on the dynamic LED display boards. Numerous gadgets are available for TenCate or GreenFields guests, ranging from flipflops, caps, shirts, shorts and tracksuit bottoms to Dutch design handbags, all decorated with synthetic turf. The TenCate Grass book 'Expand horizons in hockey', containing a great deal of background information and interesting facts about hockey synthetic turf, will also be available. Each of these is a 'must have' that will help to load and promote the two brands.

Hockey Plein in The Hague
Hockey synthetic turf can also be found on Het Plein (the Square), in the centre of The Hague, where a wide range of activities for local residents are being organized. Here a GreenSource installation for treated drinking water has been built jointly with drinking water technology company Pentair. Ideal for quenching your thirst in hot weather! And last but not least, the World Cup carpet also decorates the entrance to the twelve amateur clubs in the vicinity of The Hague, at which the international teams are training. Each hotel in The Hague where the players are staying has been provided with a World Cup carpet and on their doors hangs the sign: 'Do not disturb the Champions'. After the games GreenFields will publish the World Cup magazine 'The Choice' for its business associates. 





Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)