18 April 2014

GreenFields Stadium in The Hague ready for Hockey World Cup 2014

The GreenFields Stadium has been built in record time next to the Kyocera Stadium in The Hague, the Netherlands.  As of Saturday May 31st, many international matches will be played in this temporary field hockey stadium for the Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014. Last Monday the GreenFields® TX top-class hockey pitch was completed. Yesterday the pitch was approved for official play by an independent inspection agency and is therefore ready for the world’s best hockey players who will be arriving in The Hague shortly.

After the site was prepared, the construction and installation of the stadium commenced in March. Following approval of the base surface, work continued on construction of the stands. Less than three weeks later the highest point of the stadium was reached on April 2nd. The official GreenFields® World Cup hockey pitch was completed this past Monday April 14th. Yesterday, April 17th, the pitch was approved for technical sports performance by Kiwa ISA Sport, an independent inspection agency. Never before has such a large stadium been built for a world cup hockey event in such a short time span. This is thanks to the excellent teamwork between GreenFields and the Dutch construction company Heijmans.

Innovative synthetic turf system
The temporary stadium is named after GreenFields, the supplier of the innovative hockey field on which 76 matches will be hosted during the Hockey World Cup 2014. ‘It will be a fantastic tournament and a wonderful promotion for the sport of hockey’, predicts Henk Bijsterbosch, marketing & sales director of GreenFields. ‘That is why we are proud to lend our name to this stadium. It fits with our ambitions to raise the sport of hockey to a higher level globally.’

For years, GreenFields has been a trusted name in professional and recreational football around the world. It is fast developing the same reputation in field hockey as well. In recent years the company has devoted a great deal of time and energy to the development of innovative synthetic turf systems for field hockey. This was done in close cooperation with knowledge institutions and top-flight hockey players. This has resulted in the introduction of the GreenFields® TX hockey system. Last year GreenFields® TX was selected to be the official hockey field for the Hockey World Cup 2014 by the Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB). The special ‘hockey green’ colour of the field is a dark green shade that makes the fast moving hockey ball easier to see from the stands and on television. Top-flight hockey player Eva de Goede is pleased to be associated with GreenFields. ‘The GreenFields® TX fields allow me to perfectly control the ball at high speeds, regardless of the direction of play’, Eva says. ‘Furthermore, the field cushions impact without being bouncy and is exceptionally sliding-friendly. GreenFields® TX truly maximizes my hockey game to be fast, precise and controlled.’

A first
The Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 will be held in the Kyocera Stadium and the adjacent GreenFields Stadium from Saturday, 31 May through Sunday, 15 June. The Kyocera Stadium can accommodate 15,000 spectators; the GreenFields Stadium has a capacity of 5,000 spectators. Australia and South Korea will have a ‘first’ in the GreenFields Stadium on Saturday, 31 May: the day when the women’s hockey teams from the two countries will at 14.30 hours start playing the first match of these world championships.

Download: 140418 Press release GreenFields regarding pitch GreenFields Stadium in The Hague ready for Hockey World Cup 2014.pdf
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