• 10 September 2013

    Advanced Armour

    TenCate books Asian order for advanced naval armour systems

    TenCate Advanced Armour has booked a three year contract with a Singapore-based shipyard to design, develop and manufacture lightweight ballistic protection for crew and mission critical equipment on a number of large maritime vessels for a Middle Eastern end-user, ensuring increased survivability for the crew on board the vessels without impairing speed or performance. With this new order among a number of other recent commercial successes TenCate Advanced Armour further strengthens its position in the EMEA and APAC maritime markets. The amount of the order will not be published.

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  • 30 July 2013


    TenCate Mirafi® geotextile reinforcement used for soil to build bridges by Utah Department of Transportation
    tencate geosynthetics utah news

    The Utah Department of Transportation is using an innovative method to replace the Interstate Highway I-84 overpass bridge near Echo Junction in northern Utah (USA) to save construction time and government money. Bridges will be supported on a mechanically stabilized earth system utilizing TenCate Mirafi® geotextile reinforcement.

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  • 29 July 2013


    TenCate Grass synthetic turf in landscaping project in Riyadh
    landscaping project riyadh cover

    In March 2013 the largest synthetic grass landscaping project in the world was realized not far from King Khaled international airport in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). This two-tone landscape with a surface area of 160.000m2 is based on HATKO 40mm Landscaping grass made by monofilament yarns of Ten Cate Thiolon bv

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  • 25 July 2013

    Investor Relations

    TenCate records € 13 million net profit in first half of 2013

    Summary of first half of 2013  

    • Decline in revenues of 5% to € 514 million (organic -6%, currency effect -1%, acquisitions / divestments 2%).
    • Defence-related revenues in the US declined by US $17 million; delay in revenues of the Geosynthetics & Grass sector due in part to adverse weather conditions.
    • Increased order positions and recovery in revenues in the second quarter, mainly at TenCate Advanced Armor USA and the Geosynthetics & Grass sector.
    • EBITA declined by 8% to € 29 million (organic -9%, currency effect -1%, acquisitions / divestments 2%).
    • Net profit € 13 million (H1 2012: €14 million).
    • Earnings per share € 0.50 (H1 2012: €0.54).
    • Decline in FTEs by approximately 470 since June 2012 on a comparable basis.
    • Steep decline in net interest-bearing debt (€ 74 million) at the end of June despite acquisition of Amber Composites; net debt / EBITDA ratio 2.8.

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  • 4 July 2013

    Advanced Armour

    TenCate Advanced Armour supplies materials for vehicles Commando Corps
    armour image

    TenCate Advanced Armour supplies antiballistic materials for 50 new vehicles for the Dutch Commando Corps, the so-called Air Transportable Tactical Vehicles. Wednesday, July 3 the Defence Materiel Organization signed a contract with the Dutch company Defenture.

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