18 April 2013

Declaration of dividend TenCate for 2012

During the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Royal Ten Cate, which was held on Thursday 18 April 2013, the dividend for the 2012 financial year was declared at € 0.50 (2011: € 0.95) per ordinary share of € 2.50 par value. 
The dividend is to be paid in cash, or at the shareholder's option in ordinary shares charged to the share premium reserve. The distribution in cash will be charged with 15% dividend tax. The value of the stock dividend will surpass the value of the cash dividend by 0 to 3%.
The ex-dividend date will be Monday 22 April 2013. The record date for the dividend has been fixed as Wednesday 24 April 2013, after trading hours. 
Shareholders are offered the opportunity to make known their choice relating to the optional dividend before 15:00 hours CET on Monday 13 May 2013. Immediately following this, the exchange ratio of the optional dividend will be announced. The dividend will be made available for payment as from Wednesday 15 May 2013.
Royal Ten Cate 
Almelo, the Netherlands, Thursday 18 April 2013
Download: 130418 Press release TenCate regarding dividend 2012.pdf
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