30 March 2012

TenCate Advanced Composites launches App for composite products selection

TenCate Advanced Composites has launched its first iPad App at the 2012 JEC Composites exhibition in Paris, France. This App focuses specifically on the aerospace and industrial advanced composite product line of TenCate. The new iPad App is available for download to all users through the Apple iTunes Store (search term: ‘TenCate’). The App will also be available shortly on the iPhone and the Android operating system as well.
The new App of TenCate Advanced Composites allows users to select their specific area of interest and easily compares several products side by side.  Important properties and processing characteristics of the advanced composite products are provided to the user to help select the optimal product based upon their specific application. The App also allows the user to access TenCate product data sheets being an integral part of the App.
TenCate Advanced Composites is one of the first companies in the composites industry to offer an iPad App for comparing and selecting composite materials. ‘We had the App on display on our booth at the 2012 JEC Composites exhibition in Paris, the world’s leading advanced composites trade show. Feedback from first time users was very positive and they commented on how easy it is to use’, comments Michael Cichon, Marketing Director of TenCate Advanced Composites.
The App will also be available shortly on the Android operating system and the iPhone as well. These applications allow automatic updates for users which provides access to the latest TenCate new products as they become available.
TenCate Advanced Composites
Almelo, the Netherlands, Friday 30 March 2012
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)