23 September 2011

TenCate sponsors China Open 2011 at the National Tennis Center in Beijing

TenCate is sponsoring the 2011 China Open held from 1 to 9 October at the National Tennis Center in Beijing, China. The China Open is the one of the biggest international tennis tournaments in Asia during which the world’s best tennis players will compete against each other. TenCate Grass has built up a leading position in the Asian synthetic turf market in recent years and recognizes the rapidly increasing popularity of tennis in China, that was further accelerated by the recent victory of Li Na at the French Open.

chinese open 1As part of the China Open tennis promotion tour, TenCate XP Blade™ was installed in Lhasa, Tibet on 10 August 2011. Also former World Champion, Justine Henin, played on this day a promotional game against former Olympic Champion, Sun Tiantian. This marked the official opening of the new center court in Beijing.

Excellent quality
Justine Henin commented on the event: "I was impressed by the excellent quality of the tennis field provided by TenCate and the professional organization of the China Open, which combined made the event a big success. The popularity of tennis is increasing rapidly among all levels of the society in China. To help talents develop their skills and increase their possibilities, we have established the 6th Sense Potter's Wheel Tennis Academy in Beijing, China. It was therefore a great honor to be invited by the China Open to help promote the game by playing tennis on such a unique location in the world”.

Chinese open 2
Durability and performance
TenCate XP Blade™ was chosen because it is a true breakthrough in durability of multi-use and high-use fields. And this turf has exceptional performance. Splitting is sports turf yarns’ greatest enemy. It’s the main reason they wear out. With the notable exception of TenCate XP Blade™. TenCate has more than six years and 3,500 fields worth of proof. Vincent Homrighausen, Commercial Director of TenCate Grass Asia explains: “It’s one thing to claim durability. It’s another to offer real-world proof. And every one of those fields – even the oldest – is still in use today. What makes this possible is a proprietary manufacturing process – developed exclusively by TenCate – that prevents splitting. So TenCate XP Blade™ lasts longer than any other tape or monofilament yarns”.

TenCate Grass and the 6th Sense Potter's Wheel Tennis Academy in Beijing will have a shared booth during the China Open 2011 and will join their forces in the promotion of tennis.

TenCate Grass Asia
Hong Kong, China, Friday 23 September 2011
Download: 110923 Press release TenCate Grass concerning China Tennis Open 2011.pdf
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