14 September 2011

TenCate signs prolongation of sponsorship agreement Johan Cruyff Foundation

On Wednesday, September 14 Carole Thate (Director Johan Cruyff Foundation) and Loek de Vries (President and CEO of Royal Ten Cate) signed the prolongation of the sponsorship agreement with the TenCate Johan Cruyff Foundation with three years.

The Johan Cruyff Foundation, founded by Johan Cruyff, celebrated its fourteenth birthday in 2011. One of the initiatives of the foundation is the realization of Cruyff Courts, synthetic turf pitches in residential areas. In 2003, the Cruyff Foundation in Lelystad realised the first Cruyff Court in the world.

From its social responsibility, TenCate as partner and supplier of synthetic turf fibers has been a partner of the Johan Cruyff Foundation from the start. TenCate supports the objectives of the foundation: to provide children with a durable and safe place for sports and for sporting and social integration.
Especially for intensively used fields as Cruyff Courts, TenCate developed the TenCate XP Blade™ fiber. This fiber distinguishes itself from other synthetic turf fibers in terms of durability, wear resistance, appearance and characteristics.

In the Netherlands there are now over 100 Cruyff Courts. Abroad Cruyff Courts have been realized in Bonaire and Curacao, England (London), South Africa (Cape Town, Elandsdoorn and Johannesburg), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Israel (Yafo), Morocco (Al Hoceima), Uganda ( Gulu) and Spain (Reus and Villanova).

Almelo, the Netherlands, 14 September 2011

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Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)