29 March 2011

TenCate President Loek de Vries opens trading day at NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam

On Tuesday, 29 March 2011, TenCate President Loek de Vries opened the new day of trading by sounding the gong at NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam. He did so on the occasion of the introduction of equity options on TenCate. De Vries stated: “These new equity options on our multinational company will support the liquidity of Royal Ten Cate. Private investors in particular will now have an important new trading instrument, which will further enhance and strengthen our position on the stock market”.

Apart from Loek de Vries, others present representing TenCate were the retiring CFO Jaap Lock, his intended successor Bert Cornelese, and Frank Spaan, Corporate Director Business Development.

The tradition of sounding a gong to mark the start of trading on the stock exchange goes back many centuries. In Amsterdam, a gong is sounded at 09.00 to signal the opening of each day of trading, and again at 17.30 to mark the end of that trading day. NYSE Euronext invites prominent Dutch and international guests to take part in the gong ceremony.

The TenCate company has been listed on the stock exchange in Amsterdam since 1954. From 1993 TenCate was also listed for some years on the EOE options exchange in Amsterdam.

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