12 April 2011

TenCate Grass expands worldwide texturizing production capacity

TenCate Grass has significantly expanded its texturizing capacity in the United States and in Europe. The start-up of the state-of-the-art equipment will enable TenCate Grass to meet the high demand for texturized yarns for sports and landscaping turf.

The texturizing process creates natural curled fibers, which are mainly used in sport pitches with an extremely flat and smooth surface (field hockey, golf etc.) and as ‘root zone’ for some landscaping products. For landscaping applications it creates a natural appearance.

Guido Vliegen, global group director TenCate Grass comments: ‘Since the installation of our first texturizing equipment just over two years ago, TenCate Grass has set the standard with its high quality, creating a fast growing demand for its texturized grass yarns. As a result, demand for these products has greatly outpaced capacity during 2010. With the new expansion, TenCate Grass again will be able to meet demand, and service the European and American markets adequately’.

Sales growth of specialty fibers
Apart from texturized fibers TenCate Grass experienced growth in all other specialty products, like TenCate XP Blade™. TenCate Grass has already increased its capacity for such products early this year. In 2010, the organic sales growth of the TenCate Grass group was more than 10%. 

Value chain management
TenCate synthetic turf components are supplied worldwide to many prominent suppliers and producers of synthetic turf systems. Cooperation within the value chain leads to greater quality control by all the parties involved in the development process, resulting in integral quality assurance. This is fully in line with the system approach advocated by TenCate. TenCate Grass thus gives a general impetus to further improvements in the playing characteristics and durability of synthetic turf systems.

TenCate Grass
Dayton (Tennessee), United States, Thursday, 12 April 2011

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