8 April 2011

TenCate Grass and partners present TenCate Performance Warranty certificate to Flevo Boys Football Club in Emmeloord (NL)

On Wednesday 13 April 2011 TenCate Grass, together with its business partners Edel Grass and Oranjewoud Realisatie, will present the TenCate Performance Warranty certificate to Flevo Boys Football Club in Emmeloord (the Netherlands). With the launch of the TenCate Performance Warranty, TenCate Grass – as first in the international synthetic turf industry – is offering a warranty and insurance on the performance and durability of synthetic turf pitches that are made with TenCate components.

The TenCate Performance Warranty is an initiative by synthetic turf producer TenCate Grass in collaboration with its business partners, Edel Grass and Oranjewoud Realisatie; SGS Intron is the independent certifying institute. A certification programme has been drawn up in collaboration with SGS Intron, which shows that the parties concerned have control of the relevant processes for this system. All the business partners have recently been certified by SGS Intron for Flevo Boys Football Club and others.

Warranty insurance
This warranty is offered through selected and certified business partners. Based on the chain certificate, Allianz Nederland Groep has issued a performance warranty insurance for the synthetic turf pitch belonging to Flevo Boys Football Club. This will guarantee a FIFA 2 Star performance for a period of five years. In this way the owner and operator of a synthetic turf system are given optimum assurance relating to qualitative and financial aspects.

Chain management
As global market leader in components for synthetic turf systems (synthetic turf fibres and backing for the synthetic turf carpet), TenCate Grass strives to achieve constant improvements in the qualitative aspects and service life of the sports pitches in which its components have been incorporated. In order to achieve these improvements, it is vital that the partners involved in the chain of production and installation of a synthetic turf system satisfy these stringent requirements. This can only be achieved through optimal collaboration within the chain.

TenCate Grass
Nijverdal, the Netherlands, Friday, 8 April 2011

Download: 110408 Press release TenCate Grass concerning Performance Warranty certificate for Flevo Boys Football Club
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