12 May 2011

First synthetic turf field with TenCate Monoslide Ultra™ with XQ™ technology turf fiber being installed in San Diego

End of May 2011, the Christian Unified School District of San Diego (California) will take delivery of their new synthetic turf field, featuring TenCate Monoslide Ultra™ with XQ™ technology turf blades. This new turf fiber of TenCate Grass is more durable than other synthetic sports fibers and enables a sports surface that looks and plays like a natural grass field in top condition.

As a leading sports turf supplier and constructor of sports facilities, Hellas Construction Inc. (Austin, Texas), when developing their new Insurrection™ turf system, chose TenCate Monoslide Ultra™ with XQ™ technology turf fibers as the heart of their system because of its durable performance and natural looks. The Christian Unified School District is the first to get this groundbreaking turf system, and several other installations with TenCate Monoslide Ultra™ with XQ™ technology are soon to follow.

Ribbed crescent shape
TenCate Monoslide Ultra™ monofilament turf blades feature a “ribbed crescent design” to provide not only resilience but also natural looks. The crescent shape is a TenCate developed 3D structural shape giving the fiber the ability to bounce back up after being stepped on. The concave surfaces between the ribs deflect light in multiple directions to reduce glare and look more natural. The fiber’s design is optimized for durability and split resistance: the ribs are positioned such that thin spots in the design are avoided. 
TenCate XQ™ technology
A structural 3D shape such as TenCate Monoslide Ultra™ monofilament fibers does best with the ground breaking XQ™ technology of TenCate. This proprietary technology provides the much-needed strength to be able to withstand the significant material stresses found in structurally shaped turf blades. 3D monofilaments without this technology will be less resilient, less split resistant
and wear out sooner. XQ™ technology is only available from TenCate.

Chain management 
As global market leader in components for synthetic turf systems (synthetic turf fibers and backing), TenCate Grass strives to achieve constant improvements in the qualitative aspects and service life of the sports fields in which its components have been incorporated. In order to achieve these improvements, it is vital that the partners involved in the chain of production and installation of a synthetic turf system satisfy these stringent requirements. This can only be achieved through optimal collaboration within the value chain.  
3D crescent shape of TenCate Monoslide™ Ultra turf blade with XQ™ technology

3D crescent shape of TenCate Monoslide™ Ultra turf blade with XQ™ technology
TenCate Grass Americas
Dayton (Tennessee), United States of America, Thursday 12 May 2011
Download: 110512 Press release TenCate Grass Americas concerning installation TenCate Monoslide Ultra with XQ technology in San Diego.pdf
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