3 August 2011

Xennia system sales bring digital ceramic printing solutions to India

Xennia Technology Ltd, the world’s leading industrial inkjet solutions provider, announces today the expansion of its digital ceramics business into India with the sale and installation of several Xennia Ultramarine inkjet ceramic printing systems. Digital ceramic printing offers many benefits to ceramic production companies, including rapid turnaround of new designs, randomised images for natural effects and improved print quality, and these benefits are now available to end users in India, the rest of Asia and across the world.

Hannah O’Brien, Xennia’s Head of Systems & Solutions, comments: “We have had great success supplying inkjet ceramic printing products in both Europe and Asia, including China.  The announcement of our printing system sales in India marks our expansion into another key growth territory as part of Xennia’s strategy to drive digital ceramic printing solutions into emerging markets worldwide, that have a need for our proven technology.”

Digital ceramic printers
The Xennia Ultramarine single pass printer is a high throughput inkjet digital ceramic printer, printing widths from 415 mm to 725 mm at speeds of up to 30 m/min, dependent on the chosen ink density, with full 8 level greyscale print quality. Xennia’s proprietary PureFlow™ total ink management technology offers full recirculation of the ink, allowing the use of ceramic tile printing inks with excellent reliability. The Xennia Ultramarine comes with 4 colours as standard, and options include additional colours and a high colour version printing at twice the speed, or twice the ink density, of the standard version. Advanced image handling capabilities include unlimited image memory and instant image changeover, with randomised image printing using a number of different modes including fully randomised printing and simulation of rotary printing.

“Xennia’s reliable ceramic printing solution is based on our long experience of supplying inkjet technology solutions into the ceramic industry, and we believe it is the best on the market,” says Hannah O’Brien. “Our customers are looking for production solutions offering fast design turnaround, high quality, natural effects and the ability to print onto a wide variety of tiles including reliefs and bevelled edges at a reasonable cost. The Xennia Ultramarine offers exactly these benefits.”

Distribution in India
Navin Chandra Jha, Director of Vaanix Industries Pvt. Ltd., Xennia’s distributor for ceramics in India, comments: “Vaanix has extensive experience in supplying printing systems and consumables in the Indian market. With these sales, our partnership with Xennia is bearing fruit and we look forward to introducing more Xennia inkjet solutions to enable Indian customers to benefit from the lowered production costs, increased productivity and fast response to customer demands that this superb digital technology can bring.”

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