4 April 2011

TenCate denies claim of FieldTurf Tarkett

In January 2011, TenCate notified FieldTurf Tarkett (“FieldTurf”) that it would terminate an exclusive supply agreement with FieldTurf. Soon thereafter, FieldTurf filed a lawsuit against TenCate in the District Court for the Northern District of Georgia (USA). The suit alleges defects in products that for the most part were supplied to FieldTurf by a company, Mattex Leisure Industries (Dubai), during several years before TenCate acquired certain assets of the Mattex business in early 2007.

TenCate denies the suit has any legal basis. As a policy, TenCate does not comment on the particulars of any pending legal case.

No material impact arising from the claim
TenCate strongly denies the claim asserted by FieldTurf. The claim is unfounded and without any valid legal basis. TenCate is confident regarding the outcome of the lawsuit and looks forward to the opportunity to defend against these allegations and thus protect its longstanding and good reputation as the industry-leading manufacturer of synthetic turf components. TenCate believes that, once the facts are disclosed in the course of litigation, TenCate will be fully vindicated. No material financial damage for TenCate is anticipated.

Furthermore, TenCate is preparing counterclaims against FieldTurf, including claims for disparaging the good name of TenCate, disparaging products of TenCate, and for breaches of the supply agreement that occurred prior to its termination.

Downstream strategy of TenCate Grass
Through dedicated partners, TenCate is succeeding in its goal of further improving the quality and durability of its total synthetic turf systems. In this respect, TenCate cooperates with most FIFA-preferred producers and other leading partners in the industry. TenCate is providing these partners with customer-specific fibers and systems to differentiate these brands in the marketplace.

Royal Ten Cate
Almelo, the Netherlands, Monday, 4 April 2011

Download: 110404 Press release TenCate concerning FieldTurf Tarkett
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