1 December 2011

TenCate USA plays host to members of Congres and Dutch ambassador

In August the TenCate sites in Pendergrass (Georgia, USA) and Hebron (Ohio, USA) received visits from members of the United States House of Representatives, the lower house of the American Congress. In November, TenCate Protective Fabrics in Union City (Georgia, US) was honoured by the visit of three prominent guests. They were Renée Jones-Bos, the Netherlands ambassador to the United States, consul-general Simone Filippini and her senior commercial officer Barbara Staals. This formed part of a working visit by the ambassador to the state of Georgia aimed at further advancing the strong economic and cultural ties between the Netherlands and this southern state.

Paul Broun is given a guided tour by Lee Bryan (left) and Ken Guest (plant manager, right)

Bob Gibbs spoke with TenCate Advanced Armour employees

In Union City. From left to right Don Olsen, Renée Jones-Bos, Simone Filippini and Jean Harris (director HRM for TenCate Protective Fabrics, TenCate Grass and TenCate Enbi in the US


Mike Stanhope (Global Manager R&D) provided a detailed explanation of the work in the quality lab

Download: 4 tencate usa ontvangt congresleden en ambassadeur engels
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