3 March 2011

TenCate Grass expands production capacity of TenCate XP Blade™ for sustainable synthetic turf

TenCate Grass has substantially expanded the production capacity of its most sustainable synthetic turf product, TenCate XP Blade™. The start-up of an   additional production line in Dayton (Tennessee, US) will enable TenCate Grass to meet the sharp increase in global demand for these wear-resistant synthetic turf fibres.

As a result of the strong, structural growing demand for TenCate XP Blade™, existing capacity has already been fully utilized for a considerable time, with delivery times falling well behind schedule. The expansion in capacity for these wear-resistant fibres will ensure that this steadily increasing demand is met.

Warranty on wear resistance
Synthetic turf is often subjected to extremely intensive use, and wear resistance is therefore a key factor here. TenCate XP Blade™ is manufactured in accordance with a unique process developed by TenCate, which produces fibres that are considerably more wear resistant than other processes. TenCate Grass – as the only supplier worldwide – offers an optional five-year warranty on the wear resistance of TenCate XP Blade™, regardless of the number of hours of use.

Proven track record
TenCate XP Blade™ synthetic turf fibre has been used for many years on thousands of sports pitches and playing surfaces that are subject to frequent and intensive play. Guido Vliegen, Director of TenCate Grass, explains: ‘TenCate XP Blade™ synthetic turf has been installed all over the world in the past eight years. In North and South America, Europe, Japan and Australia TenCate XP Blade™ satisfies the highest requirements relating to wear resistance and thus has a proven track record.’

Value chain management
TenCate XP Blade™ is supplied worldwide by TenCate Grass to numerous prominent manufacturers of synthetic turf carpets, including Astroturf, Edel Grass, GreenFields, Limonta, Sumitomo and TigerTurf. Collaboration within the value chain leads to greater control of the entire process, resulting in maximum quality assurance. TenCate Grass is thus giving a general boost to improving the playing characteristics and sustainability of synthetic turf sports pitches.
TenCate Grass
Dayton (Tennessee), United States, Thursday, 3 March 2011
Download: 110303 Press release TenCate Grass concerning expansion production capacity TenCate XP Blade.pdf
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