22 December 2011

TenCate Advanced Armour delivers protective armour for Danish frigates

TenCate Advanced Armour has completed the delivery of ballistic protection systems for the second of three Danish Iver Huitfeldt frigates. Due to the modular approach by TenCate to the production of armour solutions, this was achieved before schedule and below budget. There was close collaboration with the Danish Defence Acquisition & Logistic Organisation.

TenCate Advanced Armour has a modular approach to armour production and strives for flexible design solutions. This is possible thanks to the TenCate Ceratego® and TenCate Liba® ceramic armour systems, both of which provide excellent protection against a wide range of threats in a lightweight, modular package. Michal G. Falkenberg-Knudsen, plant manager at TenCate Advanced Armour in Denmark, explains: ’For the customers, the flexible and modular solution means that they are free to improve and optimise design without risking delays or increasing costs’.

Because of the large number of projects for the protection of both vehicles and naval vessels the good collaboration between the Danish military and TenCate Advanced Armour is strengthened. Examples are the Piranha, Eagle and MAN vehicles deployed by the Danish military in Afghanistan. Another example are the Danish Absalon class support ships deployed off the coast of Africa in anti-piracy operations. Michal G. Falkenberg-Knudsen states: ‘An effective cooperation is favorable for realizing an optimal result, both in time and budget. At the same time it will improve safety’.

International track record
TenCate Advanced Armour has an excellent international track record of providing durable armour solutions for naval applications, providing protection for personnel, mission-critical areas of the ship, weapons stations, communications and other sensitive equipment. TenCate Advanced Armour has supplied armour for both large ships and smaller vessels, such as landing crafts and fast patrol boats, for customers in among others France, the UK, Sweden, Asia and the Middle East.

TenCate Advanced Armour Denmark
Vissenbjerg, Denmark, Thursday 22 December 2011

Download: 111222 Press release TenCate Advanced Armour concerning delivery for Danish frigates
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