8 July 2010

TenCate receives United States patent for TenCate Miramesh® geosynthetic

TenCate Geosynthetics has received a US patent for its TenCate Miramesh® SG product. This open woven geosynthetic is designed specifically to be a face wrap material for steepened slope applications, thanks to the combination with synthetic grass fibers.

TenCate Miramesh® SG combines the unique properties of TenCate Miramesh® GR biaxial geosynthetic with green synthetic grass fibers to produce a tufted grass face for steepened slopes and wire basket wall applications. This synergistic product eliminates the need for overseeding steep slopes. By also eliminating the need for topsoil infill, it immediately creates a finished fully vegetated wall face. Additionally, the synthetic grass fibers provide an extra layer of UV-protection which doubles its long-term UV-resistance, therefore increasing product stability.

’The issuance of this patent for TenCate Miramesh® SG further demonstrates our commitment to develop unique and patentable products for key geosynthetic applications’, says John Henderson, Senior Vice-President at TenCate Geosynthetics North America. ‘This open woven mesh biaxial product provides an immediate "green" appearance for steepened slope applications and solves the problem of supporting vegetation growth on vertical slope faces and in difficult climates.’
TenCate Miramesh® SG was issued US Patent Number 7,740,420.

TenCate Geosynthetics North America
Pendergrass, Georgia, USA, Thursday 8 July 2010
Download: 100708 Press release TenCate Geosynthetics concerning TenCate Miramesh US patent.pdf
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