14 June 2010

TenCate Grass joins forces in 2010 China Synthetic Turf Industry Seminar

TenCate Grass played host to the 2010 China Synthetic Turf Industry Seminar in Beijing on 20 May. The objective of the seminar was the further development and maintenance of the required quality standards within the China synthetic turf industry.

The seminar was attended by more than 300 delegates representing the leading synthetic turf producers, synthetic turf installers and government authorities in China. Among them were co-hosts Torch Grass, Taishan, Limonta, Aolin and Suntex, five leading Chinese synthetic turf producers. During the seminar representatives of the relevant Chinese government departments, synthetic turf producers and leading industry organizations discussed developments in the synthetic turf industry and the importance of synthetic turf components, testing and standards.

Anthony Apparailly, Asia Executive Manager of Labosport Asia Ltd: ‘During the past three years, this seminar is the biggest event in the synthetic turf industry not only in China but even in whole Asia. It shows the big improvements that the Chinese market has undergone to pull out from a local cheap low-quality oriented market towards a more quality oriented and innovative market, notably driven by FIFA and its Quality Concept. The speakers advocate that China's face has definitely changed and that China will play a preponderant role in the industry’.

Vincent Homrighausen, Commercial Director of TenCate Grass Asia: ‘The seminar proved to be an effective platform for the industrial elite to exchange ideas, share the latest industry information and discuss product and technology innovation. Moreover, it provided an excellent opportunity to emphasize the importance of realizing ongoing improvements in the quality aspects that determine the durability and performance of sports fields. This can only be achieved by high intentions, sincere effort and optimum cooperation in the entire supply chain’.

Download: 100614 Seminar in China
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