22 May 2010

Xennia initiates composite materials of TenCate in its inkjet systems

TenCate subsidiary Xennia Technology is pioneering the use of composite materials made by TenCate Aerospace Composites in its latest designs of inkjet printing systems. Lightweight composite materials offer structural rigidity besides mechanical stability over a wide temperature range. This will lead to even better performance in inkjet printing, such as improved accuracy and consistency by higher maximum control over the ink droplets.

The use of composite materials as structural components of inkjet moduels of Xennia is expected to lead in the near future to significant benefits for customers of Xennia. This results in much lower operating costs for inkjet systems, because the lighter modules will result in lower cost of moving parts. That leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption. The initiative is an important part of the Xennia strategy for technological innovation to be used for the renovation of the industries that use inkjet, including the textile industry.

Read the press release from Xennia

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