21 May 2010

TenCate daughter Xennia takes over software company Cametrics

TenCate subsidiary Xennia Technology in Letchworth (England) has today announced the planned acquisition of software company Cametrics from Cambridge (England). Cametrics specializes in printing software for inkjet technology. With this take over, market leader Xennia Technology will have complete control over printing software as a critical component of its modular industrial inkjet solutions, including for textile applications.

Xennia Technology has been working very successfully with Cametrics on various types of software for inkjet printing. This software is one of the major components in the modular inkjet solutions that Xennia brings to various markets, such as the textile industry and product decoration, packaging and medical applications.

Financial information regarding this planned acquisition will not be provided.


Royal Ten Cate
Almelo, Friday 21 May 2010

Read the press release from Xennia

Download: 100521 Press release TenCate concerning acquisition Xennia of software company Cametrics
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