24 June 2009

TenCate receives Dutch army order for composite armour panels for Patria vehicles in Afghanistan

TenCate Advanced Armour has been awarded a contract by the Dutch Ministry of Defence for the delivery of TenCate Ceratego™ composite armour panels for the Dutch Patria XA-188 vehicles that currently are deployed in Afghanistan. The TenCate Ceratego™ engineered product is a lightweight composite vehicle armour, minimizing the added weight to the vehicle.

At the upcoming DVD 2009 Exhibition at Millbrook, Bedford (UK), TenCate Advanced Armour will present this new TenCate Ceratego™ solution that has been chosen for extra protection for the Patria XA-188 vehicles used by the Dutch army in Afghanistan. The initial delivery has begun and will be completed by October 2009. The TenCate armour includes new technology that is ideally suited as backing behind the strike face of armour panels. 

Maximum safety
TenCate Advanced Armour aims at a system approach by working together with vehicle manufacturers and its clients in order to establish the optimal configuration for vehicle protection. The balance between protection and mobility is a key factor in armoured vehicle design. The weight of the armour protection therefore needs to be as low as possible while offering the highest levels of protection.

The TenCate Ceratego™ solution of TenCate Advanced Armour is designed to defeat KE projectiles according to NATO STANAG 4569 and AEP 55 to a classified level. Søren G. Larsen, general marketing manager of TenCate Advanced Armour: “It is an economic and very lightweight solution, thus providing excellent protection of the men and women on board, while minimizing the added weight to the vehicle. TenCate Ceratego™ has proved to be a cost-effective solution used for extra protection of the Dutch army vehicles”.

TenCate Advanced Armour EMEA
Almelo, The Netherlands, Wednesday 24 June 2009

For further information:

TenCate Advanced Armour EMEA
Mr Søren G. Larsen, general marketing manager
Telephone : + 45 65 48 16 81
Mobile  : + 45 29 44 33 72
E-mail  : s.larsen@tencate.com
Internet : www.tencate.com/advancedarmour

Royal Ten Cate
Mr Jaap de Carpentier Wolf, head of corporate communication
Telephone : + 31 546 544 911
Mobile  : + 31 6 233 173 52
E-mail  : media@tencate.com
Internet : www.tencate.com

Digital pictures of the Dutch Patria XA-188 vehicle are on request available via media@tencate.com

DVD 2009 is the Defence Equipment and Support's (DE&S) annual stakeholder event for the land equipment, joint support chain and air commodities communities. DVD 2009 is organized on Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 at Millbrook, Bedford in the United Kingdom. TenCate Advanced Armour welcomes you to our stand number SP 49-50.

Royal Ten Cate (TenCate) is a multinational company which combines textile technology with related chemical processes and material technology in the development and production of functional materials with distinctive characteristics. Products of TenCate are sold worldwide.
Systems and materials from TenCate come under four areas of application: safety & protection, space & aerospace, infrastructure & the environment, and sport & recreation. TenCate occupies leading positions in protective fabrics, composites for space and aerospace, antiballistics, geosynthetics and synthetic turf. TenCate is listed on the NYSE Euronext (AMX).

TenCate Advanced Armour develops and produces a portfolio of composite and ceramic materials and designs armour solutions for the protection of police, army, air force, navy and civilian service personnel, vehicles and vessels. TenCate Advanced Armour has plants in Europe and North-America.
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