2 December 2009

TenCate Geotube® environmental order in Malaysia

TenCate Geosynthetics Asia has secured an order at Huntsman Tioxide in Teluk Kalong (Malaysia) for the supply of 105 TenCate Geotube® systems. These systems will be used in Malaysia as an environmentally-friendly solution for the dewatering and storage of calcium sulfate. The TenCate Geotube® containers will be produced by Ten Cate Industrial Zhuhai (China) and supplied through Ashland, a company that is involved in among other things the field of waste water treatment. Deliveries started in October and will continue for nine months.

The production of titanium dioxide generates large quantities of calcium sulfate, which must be processed and stored in an environmentally-friendly manner. Before this waste product can be stored, it first has to be dewatered. Polymers are added to aid in the dewatering process and these are supplied by Ashland. The polymers accelerate the process of dewatering by bonding the solid matter. The TenCate Geotube® acts as a filtration and storage system.
The combination of chemical knowledge of waste water and material knowledge of TenCate, leads to a system solution which generates solid matter from industrial wastewater to be stored or processed. This is achieved through an environmentally-friendly process of dewatering. TenCate Geotube® is frequently used worldwide as a solution in the environmental market.
The system supplied to Huntsman is one of the largest Asian projects to date. Each TenCate Geotube® has a diameter of 36.6 metres. Laid end to end, the length of all these geocontainers totals 5.5 kilometres.

TenCate Geosynthetics Asia
Almelo, The Netherlands, Wednesday 2 December 2009


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