20 August 2009

Triple-T System HC Bloemendaal

Starting next season the European and national champion Hockey Club Bloemendaal will play its home matches on a Triple-T System hockey pitch. After MHC Ede, HC Bloemendaal is the second hockey club in the Netherlands to have a pitch based on the Triple-T System. This system is entirely focused on optimum player comfort, high ball speed and low friction in both wet and dry conditions. These characteristics, which support the high-grade technical game, were the main reasons for HC Bloemendaal to opt for this system. TenCate supplied the artificial grass fibers.

The Triple-T System is the latest development in synthetic turf systems for hockey. Thanks to a unique fibre system and a shock-absorbent substrate, this fully water-based hockey pitch combines optimum playing characteristics with maximum durability. The basis for this is a stable and very dense fibre structure, composed of well over one million synthetic turf fibres per square metre, a special shock-absorbent substrate and an automatic sprinkler installation. Thanks to its construction and fibre density, the pitch ‘consumes’ only 6 to 8 m³ of water during each match, a saving of 40% compared with traditional water-based pitches. In addition, this system creates the best conditions for optimum playing technique, as the hockey ball can be played effectively not only horizontally across the pitch, but also through the air, thus enabling the technically more talented players also to be shown to advantage. This further benefits team performance.

The Triple-T System is a joint development by Edel Grass, Oranjewoud Sport and TenCate Grass. The aim of the partners in creating this new system is raise the sport of hockey to an even higher level. The name Taeke Taekema Turf System refers to Dutch hockey icon Taeke Taekema.

Signing of the contract for the new Triple-T System hockey pitch

From left to right: Lex van Hooijdonk (HC Bloemendaal)
Hans Erik Tuijt (HC Bloemendaal)
Bas van den Berg (Edel Grass)

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)