18 June 2009

TenCate composite reduces Solar Team Twente’s solar car frame weight by 29 percent and air resistance by 25 percent

Today, Solar Team Twente will present its high-tech solar car with which this team of Dutch students will start in October the 10th World Solar Challenge through Australia. For the construction of this solar car, TenCate has provided several composite materials. Thanks to these materials, Solar Team Twente succeeded in reducing the weight of the frame with more than 29 percent. Beside that, the team realized a 25 percent less air resistance, also because this material can be easily processed and very smoothly finished. These advantages must contribute to a high speed of this red solar car. TenCate has also sponsored the team with protective fabrics for their flame-resistant red overalls and flame-retardant red tents.

Since 2005, TenCate has provided sponsorship to Solar Team Twente of the Dutch University of Twente and Saxion with a range of functional materials which may prove decisive to their successes during the World Solar Challenges in Australia. Every two years Solar Team Twente covers the distance of 3,010 kilometres, driving from Darwin to Adelaide, right through the Australian outback, within a week. The team finished in 2005 as number 9 and in 2007 as number 6. This year as well, TenCate supports the team to a first place.

Lightweight structure
For the 2009 solar car, TenCate Advanced Composites has made available various sorts of high-tech composite materials for the production of parts of the lightweight structure. In addition, carbon, glass and aramid fabrics have been supplied for both the curves and the structure of the solar car. This sort of material is also used in the space and aerospace industry.

Lightweight fabric
The entire 2009 Solar Team Twente has been kitted out by TenCate Protective Fabrics in red overalls made of heat- and flame-resistant fabric. This lightweight material is durable and protective thanks to the use of e.g. aramid fibres.


Fire-resistant tents
A flame-retardant red garage tent for the solar car and a similar sort of groundsheet for repairs to the car along the way will be supplied by TenCate Outdoor Fabrics. The team will also sleep in flame-retardant red tents of TenCate. As all the tents have an inflatable frame, they can be put up quickly and easily en route.

Royal Ten Cate
Almelo, Thursday 18 June 2009

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Smart textiles and advanced composites

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