11 August 2009

Background information CNN news item

CNN Pentagon Unit report on Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room

On Friday August 7, 2009 CNN released a news item in which flame resistant protection of American combat soldiers as a result of the superior functional properties of its product TenCate Defender™ M was put against “Buy American”.

The current protection of soldiers can partly be offered through fiber import from Europe. The import of this raw material is allowed on the basis of a waiver and exception to the “Berry Amendment” passed by Congress, which enables the raw material to be imported into the US where it is then processed into yarns and fabrics and ultimately into uniforms. This import waiver expires in 2013.
It has been proposed politically by way of an amendment of the 2011 National defense Authorization Act to provide for a permanent waiver.

Although almost the entire production process takes place in the United States of America, with over 10,000 jobs associated with 13 different companies, a debate took place in the Senate, resulting in the Senate rejecting the proposal to make the amendment permanent beyond 2013.

TenCate as well as its ultimate customer is convinced of the performance of its TenCate Defender™ M range of products resulting in the best protection for soldiers. Together with the American DoD, TenCate has put maximum efforts into developing tailor made solutions. Maximum protection during missions will always be the driving force of everyone involved. For this reason the DoD can use a waiver on a yearly basis beyond 2013.

A permanent waiver, however, is beneficiary for all parties involved, especially the US industrial partners, since this will create more certainty regarding the necessary longer-term investments needed for capacity and reseach & development. TenCate supports the need and will maintain its efforts to offer the best protection available.

TenCate Defense & Tactical / Royal Ten Cate n.v.
Union City (GA, USA) / Almelo (NL), August 12, 2009

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