21 July 2008

US Military notifies TenCate of at least $ 100 M sales of Defender™M over next 12 months

TenCate is expecting demand for military products to continue to grow. The sales of existing TenCate Defender™M fabrics will continue to accelerate. New TenCate Defender™M fabrics are also being developed in close coordination with the US Military and will start contributing later this year.

TenCate Defender™M fabrics have been selected as the standard fabric for flame resistant combat uniforms for the US Army and the US Marine Corps. TenCate has received unequivocal positive feedback on TenCate Defender™M fabrics including reports of reduced injuries following IED (Improvised Explosive Device) attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since its introduction in March 2007, sales of TenCate  Defender™M to the American military have grown and continue to accelerate. In addition to TenCate Defender™M, TenCate supplies other fabrics to the US Military such as the aramid based Gen2 materials.

New TenCate Defender™M fabrics
TenCates position with the US military is strengthening. Exciting new products based on patented TenCate technologies are being developed in close coordination with several branches of the US military. As an example, TenCate Defender™MX stretch fabrics for combat uniforms offer enhanced comfort and mobility and will be tested shortly in the field by combat soldiers. These fabrics provide soldiers with enhanced flexibility and ease of movement increasing their performance in the field while giving them excellent protection against heat and flame.

Download: 080721 Press release concerning new order US Army
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)