14 August 2008

TenCate share to AMX

NYSE Euronext has announced that, as per 2 September 2008, the share Royal Ten Cate will be added to the AMX index.

From the NYSE Euronext press release:

In accordance with the rules of the AEX-index, AMX-index and AScX-index, NYSE Euronext has selected the following companies.

- Fugro 6.50 shares
- Koninklijke BAM Groep 12.00 shares
- USG People 8.00 shares
- Wereldhave 2.50 shares
No companies will be removed from the AEX-index.

- Koninklijke Ten Cate 50.00 shares
- OPG Groep 120.00 shares
- Pharming Groep 252.00 shares
- Smit Internationale 24.00 shares
Fugro, Koninklijke BAM Groep, USG People and Wereldhave will be removed from the AMX-index and included in the AEX-index.

- Accel Group 45.00 shares (free float 50%)*;
- Fornix Bioscienes 54.00 shares (free float 75%)*;
- Gamma Holding 36.00 shares (free float 50%)*;
- Kas Bank 75.00 shares (free float 50%)*;
- Spyker Cars 51.00 shares (free float 75%)*;
Koninklijke Ten Cate, OPG Groep, Pharming Groep and Smit Internationale will be removed from the AScX-index and included in the AMX-index.

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