13 March 2008

TenCate finalizes acquisition of YLA and CCS Composites

Following the press release of January 22, 2008, TenCate Advanced Composites USA announces the closing of the acquisition of YLA and CCS Composites (USA).

YLA is a manufacturer of high quality thermosetting advanced composite materials.  YLA is heavily focused on supplying the satellite and communications, aircraft, military, high temperature and energy markets. CCS Composites is a manufacturer of aerospace grade compression molded composite components used in commercial and military aircraft, satellite, oil and gas and industrial applications.

TenCate Advanced Composites USA is part of TenCate’s Aerospace & Armor Composites group, a leader in the market for aerospace grade thermosetting composite materials and advanced antiballistic personal and vehicle protection which is utilized for military and law enforcement applications.

Download: Pressrelease closure yla EN
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