8 December 2008

TenCate expecting further $ 35 million of military orders

Demand for TenCate military fabrics continues to accelerate. In addition to the continued high volume sales of the TenCate Defender™M fabrics, the US Army has granted orders for a further large amount of Combat Uniforms made from TenCate Gen2™ fabrics to SNCT (manufacturer of army uniforms).

On 21 July 2008 TenCate already announced sales in TenCate Defender™M fabrics amounting to at least 100 million over the then next 12 months. This new order for TenCate Gen2™ fabrics represents $ 35 million of revenue for TenCate to be generated in the coming months, mostly in 2009.

TenCate Defender™M fabrics have been selected as the standard fabric for flame resistant combat uniforms for the US Army and the US Marine Corps. As a result the demand for this product range continues to be very strong and is expected to accelerate into 2009. New TenCate Defender™M products continue to be developed and are undergoing extensive wear testing by the US Military.

TenCate Gen2™ fabric is another successful product for defence applications, and is made of aramid fibres. The other TenCate Defender™M fabric is primarily made of viscose (Lenzing® FR). This full product range of TenCate covers a wide variety of flame resistant protection for various military applications. The firm order book forms a strong basis for the Protective Fabrics segment (part of the sector Advanced Textiles and Composites).

TenCate has attained an outstanding position in this market. As the major US manufacturer for protective fabrics, TenCate is able to respond rapidly to the demand from various army units, each with its own specific functional and quality characteristics. TenCate was recently commended once again for its performance by the American military authorities.

Royal Ten Cate
Almelo, Monday 8 December 2008

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