7 November 2008

TenCate Advanced Armour presents new lightweight composite armour solution for vehicles with TenCate Armourtex BM

On Thursday November 6, 2008 during the NIVD – the Symposium and Exhibition for Defence and Security in Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands – TenCate Advanced Armour is presenting a new armour solution in lightweight composite for vehicle protection. The new composite armour with TenCate Armourtex BM is designed to defeat roadside bombs used in conflict zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

The balance between protection and mobility is a key factor in vehicle design, both for military and civilian applications. The weight of the armour protection therefore needs to be as low as possible while affording the greatest levels of protection. TenCate Advanced Armour has designed a new composite armour solution with TenCate Armourtex BM to defeat explosive formed projectiles generated from improvised explosive devices. The weight is considerably lighter than traditional steel armour thus providing excellent protection of the men and women in the vehicle, while minimising the added weight to the vehicle. TenCate Advanced Armour aims at a system approach by working together with vehicle manufacturers in order to establish the optimal configuration for vehicle protection.

The new armour will be ideal for the protection of armoured personnel carriers for the latest threat requirements. Excellent properties qualify the material for many present projects, as well as for future requirements. The nature of the new armour will also allow it to be a cost effective solution.
TenCate Advanced Armour is part of the TenCate Armour Composites Group of Royal Ten Cate and is a leading supplier of a wide range of products for vehicle protection and personal protection. The development of the new armour application gives TenCate Advanced Armour a unique product in the market, which will enable the company to further increase its competitive edge.

TenCate Advanced Armour welcomes you to our stand no. 184 at the 20th NIVD Symposium and Exhibition in Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands on Thursday November 6, 2008 where our new protective solution can be seen.

TenCate Advanced Armour
Vissenbjerg, Denmark, Wednesday November 5, 2008

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