20 August 2007

United States Marine Corps chose TenCate Defender™ M

After earlier announcements by TenCate regarding important military orders for flame-resistant fabrics from the US Army, the United States Marines have also chosen a TenCate product (Defender™M).

TenCate Protective Fabrics USA has been officially commended by the United States Marine Corps for superior professional excellence in delivering an outstanding level of quality in its products and services in response to the demands of the US Military Forces.

Protecting naval, ground and air forces, TenCate produces protective fabrics, such as Defender™M, that are specifically designed to meet or exceed the rigorous standards of performance as mandated by government specifications.

TenCate is dedicated to the development of specialized materials that meet the demands of the final users in many ways. Of the FR fabrics approved for military use, Defender™ M is the most economical fabric. Yet it provides excellent protection and comfort to the wearer and is very durable, withstanding the rugged conditions in the field. Its overall performance is second to none.

Through its global knowledge base TenCate has the ability to mobilize its technical capabilities instantly to meet the demands of its customers.

According to the US Marine Corps, the TenCate Defender™M material has had a direct impact on the lives of many Marines and Sailors engaged in combat. We are proud of this qualification, which proves that our materials make a real difference. 

The United States Marine Corps stated: “TenCate Protective Fabric’s exceptional ability, initiative, and dedication to the Defender fabric used in the Flame Resistant Combat Ensembles for the FROG program reflect great credit upon the company and are in keeping with the highest industry standards.”

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Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)