24 September 2007

Supervisory Board supports De Vries

The Public Prosecutions Department has made public on its own initiative and unilaterally the fact that there is a legal preliminary investigation being carried out concerning three suspicions in respect of Mr. De Vries, Chairman of the Executive Board of TenCate. In this connection an unreal picture has been presented by the media. With reference to this, the Supervisory Board has decided to provide further information that is based on the actual circumstances.

On the basis of this, there is no question of Mr. De Vries having a direct or indirect involvement or any financial interest in the purchase of Spinnerij (Spinning Mill) Nijverdal, as has been suggested.

The amount of NLG 1.6 million mentioned in the media that Mr. De Vries received in 1996 related to a financial compensation for a business agreement which was reversed by the then Executive Board of TenCate, as is explained here more fully.


In the press release of 14 September 2007, the Supervisory Board expressed its confidence in Mr. De Vries. He also enjoys the complete support and appreciation from the works council and group management.

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