20 March 2007

Hellendoorn in principle contributes 20 million for Masterplan TenCate

Municipal Administration of Hellendoorn has agreed in principle to contribute 20 million for RTC Master Plan

In Nijverdal an immense project of regional and even national allure is under way. The parties involved are Royal Ten Cate, the municipality of Hellendoorn, the province of Overijssel and central government. This relates to the Royal Ten Cate Master Plan.
Royal Ten Cate (RTC) is aiming to secure the concentration of its operations in Nijverdal-Noord and an upward value adjustment of this location. This will involve a total investment of € 137 million. This concentration of operations in Nijverdal-Noord means that industrial sites will become available elsewhere in Nijverdal. The municipal administration of Hellendoorn supports the plans for this concentration of operations. It will strengthen local employment and provide a link to knowledge centres such as the University of Twente. In addition, the two industrial sites that will become availble will offer splendid opportunities to enhance the physical quality of the Nijverdal area. The municipality will fulfil a regional function in the redevelopment of the two industrial sites that will become available, Hoge Dijkje and PC Stamstraat with appurtenances. The location at Hoge Dijkje in particular will link up perfectly with the development of the centre, on which the municipality of Hellendoorn is currently occupied. Both sites will provide space, thus giving an impetus for residential development. The Municipal Executive has in principle decided to contribute € 20 million from the municipality’s own resources in order to become the owner of the land at the Hoge Dijkje and PC Stamstraat locations with appurtenances. This amount must be recouped from the exploitation of the two sites.

RTC Master Plan
Nijverdal Noord
The former textile company Royal Ten Cate has developed into a major innovative company in the field of protective fabrics, geotextiles for civil engineering, artificial grass and light-weight composite materials for the aerospace industry. There are 830 people employed at three locations in Nijverdal. Royal Ten Cate wishes to concentrate these operations at one of these locations, at the Nijverdal-Noord Business Park. The realization of the RTC Master Plan will provide more efficient commercial operations for the company and thus a saving on production costs. For the surrounding area it will mean a reduction in environmental nuisance through the application of new, advanced technologies and will thus make the area a more pleasant place to live. The Master Plan also includes investment in innovation and research in Nijverdal through the building of an open knowledge centre. This open knowledge centre will have a direct link with the University of Twente, from which other companies will also be able to benefit.

The RTC Master Plan will represent a growth in employment of some 15% to approximately 965 people.

PC Stamstraat with appurtenances
The termination of operations at the PC Stamstraat site will mean less environmental nuisance and hindrance to the surrounding area. The sites at PC Stamstraat, in the southern part of Nijverdal, bordering on the River Regge, will be redeveloped as an attractive green residential area with many water features. There will be space for between 250 and 300 homes.

Hoge Dijkje
Here too the termination of operations at the Hoge Dijkje site will produce a reduction in the environmental nuisance and hindrance to the surroundings, as a result of which it will become a more pleasant area in which to live.

A part of the complex at Hoge Dijkje is a national monument and this will be restored. The results will shortly be known of a preliminary study that should show what the possibilities are for this national monument. The initial results reveal an attractive mix  of houses for starters and the elderly, offices, bars, restaurants and other  facilities.

RTC Master Plan Statement of Intent
In July 2006 TenCate, the municipality and the province signed a statement of intent in order to implement the RTC Master Plan. By the beginning of 2007 we wanted to have a clear idea of whether this would be successful. That now raises the question as to what financial support the municipality and province are prepared to provide.
The municipality would prefer to acquire ownership of both sites that are to be redeveloped with the aid of provincial and government contributions. The province of Overijssel has already promised € 5 million. Both TenCate and the municipality are extremely happy with this promise. An amount of € 12 million will be requested from the government for this programme. The Ministry of Housing, Regional Development and the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Affairs have not as yet made any concrete promise. The decision by the government has been somewhat delayed by the fall of the cabinet. In view of the (innovative) importance of RTC to the regional/
national economy, a considerable contribution can also be expected from the government. In total thus the contribution by the municipality, the province and the government will amount to a maximum of € 37 million as a part of the RTC Master Plan, with Royal Ten Cate making a total investment of € 137 million.

Cooperation Agreement Municipality, Province and RTC
The decision in principle will be dealt with in the committees and the municipal council in April. Should the municipal council agree to the decision in principle, the province, RTC and the municipality will draw up a cooperation agreement. This agreement will include the conditions under which the above-mentioned amount of € 20 million will actually be made available (in phases). This cooperation agreement will also be submitted in advance to the municipal council for approval. This decisionmaking process is planned for some time around the summer of 2007, so that subsequently, in the latter half of 2007, the planning for the PC Stamstraat location can be started.

Download: Hellendoorn contributes Masterplan TenCate
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