4 September 2007

TenCate supplier for Olympic hockey pitches in Beijing

TenCate’s Australian partner, Sports Technology International, has won the order to supply the artificial grass pitches on which the Olympic hockey matches will be played in Beijing. Close cooperation between the two companies has led to the development of a specific concept for these artificial grass pitches. This concept provides, on the one hand, greater physical protection as a result of improved shock absorption and, on the other, increased drainage of water.

The hockey pitches also provide a safe surface when players come into contact with the pitch, because the system is based on TenCate’s LSR® technology (Low Sliding Resistance).
At TenCate our basic principle during new developments is the safety of sportsmen and women and the prevention of injuries. The Olympic pitches are for TenCate important reference projects for safe and sustainable hockey pitches.

At the request of the Chinese Hockey Association, the hockey pitches are surrounded by a yellow and red strip: colours that symbolize the Chinese flag.

The Chinese men’s hockey team has already played on one of the hockey pitches and is very enthusiastic about its playing characteristics. ‘This is the best hockey pitch in China, it’s top quality!’ is the opinion of Song Yi, captain of the Chinese men’s hockey team. Yang Chao, a Chinese Hockey Association official, states: ‘The players, coaches and I are all extremely satisfied with the quality of this new hockey pitch.

Hockey pitch with TenCate artificial grass

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)