10 October 2007

TenCate once again receives large orders for American army

The demand for TenCate Gen2 fabrics is increasing based on a new order through SNCT (manufacturer of army uniforms). This order for more than 80,000 uniforms with camouflage print for the American army comes on top of the orders for this material which were announced earlier.

As previously announced, the flame-resistant fabric Defender™M developed by TenCate has been specified by the US Marine Corps. The manufacturer of these uniforms, Crye Precision, has informed TenCate Protective Fabrics USA that deliveries will start in the fourth quarter of 2007. Information is still to be provided regarding the further delivery of the total order, which will continue through into 2008.

These orders involve total sales of approximately US$ 17 million.
There will be an extremely strong trend in sales in this market segment for the whole of 2007. Orders received in the 4th quarter of 2007, will in part be delivered in 2008.

TenCate, with its wide range of fabrics in the field of flame resistance, has attained an outstanding position in this market. As the major US manufacturer, TenCate is able to respond rapidly to the demand from various army units, each with its own specific functional and quality characteristics. TenCate was recently officially commended for this by the American military authorities.

Royal Ten Cate

Almelo /  Union City, GA (USA)
10 October 2007

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