16 February 2007

TenCate gets approval for takeover Roshield

Royal TenCate has got definitive approval of the Danish authorities for the acquisition of Roshield (www.roshield.dk). The acquisition price amounts to € 34.7 million.

Roshield is a leading provider for the European market of antiballistic vehicle protection and personal armour. The company developed itself as a strong partner for vehicle manufacturers for antiballistic protection. Projects for vehicle protection are tailor-made and specifically designed for specific threat levels. Antiballistic protection is currently widely implemented in military vehicles, especially by countries which are actively involved in peace keeping operations.

The acquisition will give an important contribution to the profit development of the TenCate Aerospace & Armour Composites group. Recently Roshield has been awarded with important orders for an amount of approximately € 20 million, some to be delivered during several years, among other for the protection of existing army trucks (add-on armour) and antiballistic protection for different types of vessels, like patrol boats.

TenCate market leader in antiballistic armour and personal protection Roshield will form part of the TenCate Aerospace & Armour Composites group. TenCate has a leading position on the European market for personal armour protection and vehicle protection. On the Asian and American market TenCate has strengthened its position in recent years as supplier of advanced armour composites materials. The activities of TenCate in the field of fire resistant fabrics are a complementary market for personal protection in defense markets.

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