21 May 2007

Göteborg opts for Millenia Light®

The Göteborg Fire Department has opted for TenCate Millenia Light® as the outer shell for its new firefighter uniforms, based on properties such as comfort and durability. Together with the fire department and garment-makers, a concept was developed for firefighter turnout gear for the Swedish Fire Department. This involves a total of 550 firefighter uniforms for the fire department. 

MILLENIA LIGHT® is a comfortable outer shell that ensures optimal protection. It is exceptionally durable, and remains strong and flexible after exposure to extreme heat. Millenia Light is the lightest material with such a high degree of comfort and heat resistance, making it the optimal solution as an outer shell for firefighter uniforms.

Millenia Light® is an example of the commercial synergy between the TenCate companies in the Netherlands and the US. This is a great step forward for the firefighting market and meantime several fire brigades have opted for Millenia Light ®.

The Swedish city of Göteborg has twelve continuously manned stations for firefighting and rescue operations, seven part-time stations and seven smaller sites. The rescue team or fire brigade can reach the scene of a disaster in Göteborg in an average of 6 to 7 minutes. Each year the brigade has to turn out some 6,500 times.


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)