10 January 2007

FieldTurf Tarkett and TenCate announce strategic alliance

TenCate will be first tier supplier and R&D partner for FieldTurf Tarkett artificial turf systems

FieldTurf Tarkett, the leading marketing company in worldwide synthetic turf systems for sport applications, and TenCate announce a global strategic alliance. TenCate, global market leader of grass fibers, is leading in the technological innovations regarding several applications of synthetic turf fibers in sport. FieldTurf Tarkett has a broad knowledge regarding patented grass-systems and has an excellent market access. TenCate owns patents for future integrated turf systems based on innovative technological developments.

The result of this partnership for TenCate is increased market access and is expected to have an immediate positive impact on market share. It greatly supports the strategic focus on systems and system performance as disclosed earlier by TenCate.

Loek de Vries (CEO of TenCate) stated that “this alliance is part of the implementation of our strategy to put more emphasis on the total performance of the system, which is also in the benefit of end users. We want to expand our business with quality sensitive partners with direct market access at the level of systems. Partnerships with leading companies like FieldTurf Tarkett will put the awareness in the market place for performance at a higher level. It will enhance the value of turf systems supplied to end users”.

FieldTurf® is the result of years of research—evident in the patented FieldTurf infill mix of silica sand and cryogenic rubber and patented layering process that deliver a system that emulates natural grass. Additional benefits are found in improved player safety, reduced maintenance costs and flexibility for conversion—allowing stadium managers to quickly change the field from one sport to another or to easily host a variety of sporting events, concerts and other special events directly on top of the FieldTurf surface.

Over the past few years, the quality and performance of FieldTurf’s patented system has resulted in over 2100 installations in more than 40 countries. Total annual worldwide sales of FieldTurf Tarkett amount to approximately US $ 240 million.

“This alliance will help both companies complete their innovative and proprietary R&D projects more efficiently,” said John Gilman (President of FieldTurf Tarkett). “The business opportunities that lie beyond sports surfacing are enormous.” The supply agreement relates primarily to TenCate Thiolon® monofilament and fibrillated fibers and backing, which are recognized as the premier products. Also TenCate will in the future supply other components like infill and sub-base products which can be linked to the system approach.

TenCate Thiolon® monofilament and fibrillated fibers are recognized as the premier products in the industry. In the last 20 years, Thiolon fibers have been used in thousands of fields worldwide. More than 200 million square meters of Thiolon fiber have been installed—more than all other synthetic fiber manufacturers combined.

“Our industry has been growing rapidly as athletes, facilities managers, and others see the advantages that artificial turf can provide,” said Heard Smith, Group Director of TenCate Grass. “This alliance with FieldTurf Tarkett allows us to share knowledge and speed the development of new technology for the marketplace. The information transfer between our organizations is already showing results with product improvements and even better customer service. In the past, we have artnered with FieldTurf Tarkett for many successful field installations. Now we are aligned with this great company in a way that can benefit the entire turf  industry.”

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