Winter 2013


Building a temporary dyke with geosynthetics

The year 2013 saw the start of a substantial reconstruction of part of the centre of a major city in Russia. The city, situated on the Volga, plays an important commercial, historical and cultural role. The renovation involves buildings, sports facilities and roads – one such road bridging a tributary.

Every day thousands of cars cross this river. To avoid any risk of serious delays or even collapse, it was decided to build a road on a temporary dyke. Woven TenCate Geolon® PET 300 has been applied as basal reinforcement to provide this temporary dyke with sufficient stability. 

4 geosynthetics russia 1

Unrolling and placement of TenCate Geolon® PET 300 rolls 

The heavy construction has been realized thanks to the Universidad this summer. The dyke has been constructed and successfully removed after three months of work. 

4 geosynthetics russia 0
The side of embankment with TenCate Geolon® PET showed a better result than the other side, which had a settlement underneath the heavy traffic.

4 geosynthetics russia 2

Fixing of TenCate Geolon® PET 300 rolls with U-shaped pins

TenCate Polyfelt® Geolon PET is a woven geotextile for soil reinforcement, especially for embankments on soil with poor load-bearing capacity and embankments on pile foundations. The material has a long life span and huge strain and creep resistance. What’s more, it aids the separation of soil layers.

4 geosynthetics russia 3

Installation of the sand layer above TenCate Geolon® PET 300



Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)