Winter 2013


Sponsorship projects in India and Haiti

GreenFields is an ambassador for TenCate in the Chak de India Project. Its mission is to offer disadvantaged children in India the chance to play hockey around the time of the 2014 Hockey World Cup. GreenFields also supports the work of the Jozy Altidore Foundation in Haiti.

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in India, attracting millions of spectators. In terms of knowledge and material, however, the sport is still underdeveloped. So there is plenty of potential for the hockey market there. Chak de India is an initiative by Jaap Stockmann (the goalkeeper of the Dutch national hockey team and goalkeeper of HC Bloemendaal) and Marlies Dobbe. Their aim is to have 10,000 children in India playing hockey. To achieve this goal they intend to collect 1,000 sticks, 1,000 balls and 25 goalkeeper outfits. They should be able to reach their target with collecting bins placed at 100 club locations in the Netherlands and during Dutch goalkeepers training camps. The materials collected will then be distributed among five locations in India.

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GreenFields has adopted this social project and is acting as the supporting partner. Jaap Stockmann will actively support the name GreenFields in India. The Indian government intends to install several hundred synthetic turf pitches and build hockey stadiums in the years ahead.

Jozy Altidore Foundation
Jozy Altidore, former footballer for AZ Alkmaar (NL) and a player in the US national team, set up the foundation bearing his name. It is committed to the welfare of children around the world. The Jozy Altidore Foundation is currently engaged in the construction of a water well in Haiti, where his parents live. GreenFields supports this foundation. The footballer has undertaken to be an ambassador for GreenFields in the United States.

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