Winter 2013


TenCate Advanced Armour: protecting the military and materiel

TenCate Advanced Armour develops and produces lightweight, customized, active as well as passive protection solutions for three market segments:
- armour for vehicles and vessels: customized inserts and add-on armour for police cars, army and civilian vehicles, cash-in-transit vehicles and four-wheel drives as well as for both small (patrol boats) and large vessels (frigates). The Advanced Armour group supplies complete solutions for vehicle programmes, including three-dimensionally shaped bodywork parts;
- personal protection: inserts for bulletproof vests and helmets, ballistic shields;
- aircraft and helicopter armour: ballistic panels for a range of different types.

4 armour embraer

TenCate Advanced Armour was selected as a partner for the design of ballistic protection for the Embraer KC-390, a military transport aircraft

The majority of orders still come from public tenders, but an increasing number are through industrial participation (compensation orders with local content). If a country orders military materiel from a foreign company, it can ask for counter-orders. One of the possibilities is that the company places orders with producers or service providers in the country that has put in the order. Other options include investments in local industry or research institutes and the creation of jobs by setting up production lines locally. In the process the parties determine what percentage of the contract value is to be compensated, how and over what period.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)