Winter 2013


TenCate Outdoor Fabrics supplier for Glastonbury tents

In England’s Glastonbury a festival of the same name was held from 26 to 30 June this year. It was a musical – and colourful – event: a thousand tents in various colours provided numerous visitors with comfortable accommodation in part of the grounds. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics supplied the outdoor fabrics.

The Glastonbury Festival in England is one of the largest multi-day open air festivals in Europe. Music and art are the focal points. This year the event attracted almost 150,000 visitors – in fact the festival was a sell-out! Rufus Wainwright, Elvis Costello, Nick Cave, the Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, Editors, Major Lazer, the Smashing Pumpkins and the Rolling Stones were among those who played on the various stages. 

4 outdoor overzicht tenten

A bird eye's view of Glastonbury 2013

At the same time, however, the success of the festival poses a threat to its environment-friendly image. This is due not only to the huge piles of rubbish that people leave behind, but also to the fact that festival-goers are increasingly erecting cheap tents, which they leave behind or throw away on their departure. Usually such a tent is of low-grade quality and cannot be recycled.

4 outdoor groene oranje tenten

Seeking sustainable solutions to this problem, the organization knocked on the door of BCT Outdoors in Bradford (Yorkshire). This company was asked to supply a thousand tents that could withstand the frequent wind and rain of the British summer; could offer two or three people comfortable accommodation; and had an internal guy line system. The English then asked TenCate Outdoor Fabrics to supply TenCate All Season Residential™ in six different colours: blue, green, red, orange, grey and beige. This material is light, waterproof, weather-resistant, breathable and durable.

4 outdoor rode blauwe tenten

Furthermore the products satisfy the stringent demands in the field of environmental friendliness. The tents were easy to erect. According to Pat Hammond of BCT Outdoors, ‘It was the ideal material for this project.’

4 outdoor tent

By hiring out the durable tents for four days at £250, they can be reused for many years to come. Given the success of this solution, potential follow-up orders are in the pipeline.

4 outdoor team

The team of BCT Outdoors

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)